2016Year March


Letter from costumer.

Please order One drink you get free spicyamlet.

Our spicy omelet breakfast customers who order a drink!

Rainy day One drink free(Rainy day rewards)

Rainy day One drink free. Any drink is o k.

Rainy day rewards, and all drink free!

Wine by the glass service

Today, look at the blog, a new service, glass of wine or soft drinks.

Corona beer 50% discount!

It is a warm afternoon!

Today (8Day)
Corona beerを、50Percent OFF The service.

~ L.O. 23:00Up to.

Ikebukuro, awaits you.

☆*:.. \(^^ )/ .。.:*☆

Today, Corona beer 50% discount Please come and drink, Enjoy girls and guys at Sagun Ikebukuro .

Draft beer free service.

Dear customer today we are going to 1 Draft beer free service.
Please come to enjoy at Sagun .

Today, beer,1Cup of free servicesI will.
Please come to the SAGUN.

Crabs curry party

Kani curry Party yarimasita.