"Year-end guide to new year's holiday.

It is southern.

Again thank you,
Thank you very much.

But now, year-end/new year holiday schedule is...

This year's 31 and 1/3,
Is business as usual.

1January 4 (Gold)And, 5Day (Soil)The
We will be closed.

-Nerima station store is
This year's 31 and 1/2,
And open

13 March (Wood)And, 4Day (Gold)
We will be closed.

Even today's new year's Eve
Both are open.

Please, please.

From Sagon.
December 31 (Monday)

Thank you very much again this year.

The schedule of year-end and new year is …

Ikebukuro branch,
Until 31st of the year,
Until January 3,
As usual, It is open.

On Friday, January 4,
On Saturday, May 5,
I am closed.

Nakamura-Bashi store,
Until 31st of the year,
Until January 2,
It opened,

Thursday, January 3rd and
Friday the 4th,
I am closed.

It is open today.
Please come.