"Year-end guide to new year's holiday.

It is southern.

Again thank you,
Thank you very much.

But now, year-end/new year holiday schedule is...

This year's 31 and 1/3,
Is business as usual.

1January 4 ()And, 5 ()The
We will be closed.

-Nerima station store is
This year's 31 and 1/2,
And open

13 March (Wood)And, 4 ()To
We will be closed.

Even today's new year's Eve
Both are open.

Please, please.

From Sagon.
December 31 (Monday)

Thank you very much again this year.

The schedule of year-end and new year is …

Ikebukuro branch,
Until 31st of the year,
Until January 3,
As usual, It is open.

On Friday, January 4,
On Saturday, May 5,
I am closed.

Nakamura-Bashi store,
Until 31st of the year,
Until January 2,
It opened,

Thursday, January 3rd and
Friday the 4th,
I am closed.

It is open today.
Please come.