End lunch buffet


ランチバイキングは 昨日で終了し、

サーグーンでの ランチタイムを!



[Greeting] seasons greetings

'Happy new year and happy'

Ikebukuro shop is open today.
Nakamura is the day after tomorrow (5Day)More will be open.

This year also, please thank.

Southern shopkeeper: Gurung

Happy new year.

From today,
Ikebukuro store is open.

Nakamura-Bashi store will open from the day after tomorrow (5th).

This year also, Please, Thank you.

(Saguen owner: Gurung Bal Bahadur)

[New year's holiday schedule:

2016Years, visit
Thank you very much.

2017年の 年始スケジュールは
-Ikebukuro → 1/3 or from
-Nerima station store → 1/5 or from
We will be open.

Next year and 2017, still their patronage would also appreciate.

Southern shopkeeper: Gurung

Everyone visited us in 2016,
Thank you very much.

In the opening of Sagoon 2017,
-Ikebukuro Store-From January 3rd
-Nakamura-bashi store-From 5th January

Please come to Sagoon next year.
Sagon wants to serve you.

(Saguen owner: Gurung Bal Bahadur)

"Lunch. Vikings ' of information

Lunch by King offer!


-3 types of curry

Ice coffee
-Orange juice

995 Yen

Viking lunch
Started from December!

Three kinds of curry, salad, soup, rice, naan and other

[open bar]
And Lassie, iced coffee, Orange juice, Chai

995 yen
12:00 ~ 15:00

Today "lunch. Vikings ' start!

Lunch buffet starts from today!


Letter from costumer.

Please order One drink you get free spicyamlet.

Our spicy omelet breakfast customers who order a drink!

Rainy day One drink free(Rainy day rewards)

Rainy day One drink free. Any drink is o k.

Rainy day rewards, and all drink free!

Wine by the glass service

Today, look at the blog, a new service, glass of wine or soft drinks.

Corona beer 50% discount!

It is a warm afternoon!

Today (8Day)、
Corona beerThe50Percent OFF The service.

~ L.O. 23:00Up to.

Ikebukuro, awaits you.

☆*:.. \(^^ )/ .。.:*☆

Today, Corona beer 50% discount Please come and drink, Enjoy girls and guys at Sagun Ikebukuro .